Sunday, 28 March 2010

Photo a day

WOW!  I am so pleased to have finished this year long project.  Before I have done scrapbooking projects that last a year, but they are not everyday, and it is possible to ‘catch-up’ when you have the time.  With this one it is important to take a photo each day.  I have to admit to missing quite a few days over the winter, especially when I have been working.  And there have been a few days when I have cheated and taken the photo the day after!

So how do I feel about the photos now?  I went back through them and found quite a few that I consider ‘good’.  But a lot of the time I was simply taking a photo to get one taken.  I don’t think it has improved my photography technically (although I did get to grips with my macro lens a bit quicker than I would have done).  but it maybe has improved the variety of photos I have taken, and now I have loads more photos of everyday things.

I decided not to print them all out and scrap them all.  They are recorded on this blog.  But I wnated to do something with them, so I printed out about 30 of the best as 2” squares and made this DLO:

craft 163

craft 133

craft 162


Sue said...

Many congrats on completing your project Linda, that must feel like a great achievement, and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a lovely celebration! scrappysue

Photographing Mom said...

Too cool. Congratulations. Love seeing the pics of you working on your page!!!

Burnice said...

And a well done from me too..... Liking the layout, bring it with you when you come to see me. Burnice x

valerie said...

congratulations on finishing well done:)