Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

organise 002

We put up our new 2010 calendar this morning – and we have written in every last Sunday of the month ‘DOG WALK’!  WE are challenging ourselves to do 1 long walk per month, and thought that writing it on the calendar would make us do it!

organise 006

And WOW!  Look at this!  These are my new organised Cjristmas decoration boxes – thanks to Aby over on!

We sorted out all the old wine boxes, adn we have packed away the decorations in an organised way, and labelled them!  Even I will be able to get them down out of the loft now!


Now we just have a huge pile of old boxes and decorations we longer love to take to the dump!

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Chicken Licken said...

Now that IS organised! Happy New Year hun!