Friday, 27 November 2009

November 28th

Where does the time go???!!??  Can’t believe it is nearly December!

Some pictures from the beach this morning:

beach 063 beach 065 beach 064

beach 066

And here is my doggy back in the car!  He loves going in the back of the car – he sits up and looks out all the time even on a long drive!  But he is not very good at getting back in after a walk – have to throw a treat in to entice him to jump in LOL!


deb said...

I love the rays of sun coming from behind the clouds on your beach photos

Burnice said...

They're great photos linda. The clouds look like smoke with a fire behind them. Great clear photo of Merlin.
Burnice x

Karen said...

Oh that looks a cold beach. Brrrrrrr. I love your dog.

Kim said...

I took my dog to the groomers this morning. She is still a bit upset.

Lesley said...

Lovely photos. It was peeing down here again this morning!

Did you get my emails?

Lesley x

Heather said...

fab photos of gorgeous seascapes & doggy is gorgeous too :)

Chicken Licken said...

Wow look at that rain coming down! Fab pics

Coffeedoff said...

Beautiful cloud shots!