Thursday, 26 November 2009

getting a bit behind ……again

I just can’t seem to get inot a routine since I started working 2.5 days per week!  One problem is that the days I work are changing week to week.  I want to be flexible- in fact, I quite like being flexible, but it means that taking photos doesn’t happen on days when I am at work all day (too dark!) and stuff like my Anglo-Italian Family History Society gets left and left!  Goodness knows when I am going to get prepared for Christmas…… and then there’s Lucy’s 18th birthday on 8th December, and Nicholas’s 21st on 27th December!!!!  EEEK!

So here’s a few photos I managed to take this week:

Christmas 008

This one was taken in the garden centre that sells cheap decorations.  I went there Tuesday lunchtime with 2 of the girls from work.  We have decided to dress the Family Centre up this Christmas!  (We didn’t buy these!!!)


craft 177

This is my absolutely gorgeous kit from Cocoa Daisy!  It has a wonderful selection of papers (and I ordered an extra add-on pack), and look at those cute brads!  I got it delivered to work, so I didn’t have to go trapsing into town to the Post Office to pick it up.


everyday things 064

Finally, here’s my lovely little pink MP3 player!  DS wouldn’t let me have an iPOd, doesn’t want iTunes on this computer – don’t understand why!!!!!  So this is a Creative Zen.  It is really lovely and I have uploaded lots of my CDs to it – still haven’t downloaded anything!  I like to have the CD!!!  I listen to the radio on it on dog walks, and this is our local station for Worthing – SplashFM.  I can’t get a good signal for Radio 2 on it, (unless I am on the seafront!) so often listen to this local station instead.

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Kim said...

My middle child will be 18 on the 9th of December. We are going through the princess stage with her. lol.