Sunday, 4 October 2009

October 1st through to October 4th

October 4th

We went for a lovely long walk along Worthing beach this morning, and then coffee in town.  We did need to clear our heads a bit because we both manage to drink too much red wine last night at the Chinese restaurant!  (Trouble with red wine + Chinese combo is that it makes you feel worse, all that msg dehydrates too!).  This picture shows the grandeur of Worthing Seafront – these 2 buildings are my favourites.

worthing 023b


October 3rd

I went to my crop  yesterday.  We have a really lovely church hall in Hove.  There are not very many of us, but we have a really great time!  This picture shows us all except Terry who is hidden behind Janet (in the red), then clockwise there is Lerryn, Sara, Sylvie and Lorna.

craft 046b

We always have a ‘page of the day’ competition.  Our theme was animals, and Janet and I won joint first prize!  woohoo! Mine is a page for an album I am doing for DD Lucy who is 18 in December.  It’s called ‘A Wonky Tail’ and is about Merlin – who does in fact have a wonky tail!

craft 049b

October 2nd

Still working on organising my craft stuff.  I had an unexpected morning in, as I had to wait in for a delivery of new computer parts!  So I sorted out some more drawers, including this one full of fibres and fabric.  Wonder why fibres have gone out of fashion in the scrapbook world?  I just love the textures and colours, so had to photograph them with my macro lens!

craft 042


craft 041



October 1st

garden 078b

Here’s how my pots outside the back door are looking today.  It has been incredibly dry now for a month or two, so they need watering all the time.  Bit of a chore, but I have managed to keep up with it.

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Karen said...

Lovely collection of photos Linda. That photo of Worthing does make it look very grand.

Well done on the 'page of the day' competition. Are you going to upload the layout so we can see it more clearly?