Sunday, 4 October 2009

Catching up!

Now that the computer is working again I can catch up on my blog posts!  Here’s the end of LSNED:

LSNED day 30

YAY! I got the end of LSNED!  I am not sure that I have done very well really – I have had to rack my brains most days for things that I have learned and that I can take a photo of!  So finally, I tried to take some pics of me in the hall mirror:


OOps missed!Linda 011


Ah, that’s a bit better!Linda 009


Oh well, just have to do it like this:


Linda 001

LSNED day 29

dog 003 

Another lesson that I never seem to learn is that I need to order the dog food from our local pet shop before it actually runs out!  Merlin has Royal Canin Adult Maxi, and the pet shop does not keep it in stock.  It takes a few days to be delivered.  Today we have had to make do with Royal Canin Labrador Retriever – I am sure it is all the same, just a marketing tool to have it in different labels!  But who knows …… maybe Merlin will turn blond?


LSNED day 28

home 001 

WOOHOO! very pleased with myself because I got Nicholas’s room and the computer room (little bedroom we have the computers in!) all decluttered and tidied this evening.  I didn’t think I could do houseworky type things in the evenings after work, so that’s what I learned today!

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