Sunday, 6 September 2009

LSNED day 6

Today I learned that I have loads more plastic carrier bags than I thought I had! I decided to spend my 15 mins of organising in the porch, sorting out all the bags! I keep this one full of carrier bags to take to the supermarket with me, but lately they have all had holes in them! So I got them all out and checked them. There is also a pile of them in the larder in the kitchen so I consolidated, and found I actually do have quite a few without holes in!


Lesley said...

I laughed out loud at this Linda, imagining carries hiding away from you all over your house and you rounding them up..........LOL
Lesley x

SallyL said...

Loving looking at your blog - you have done the same as me - just blogging the days and hoping something can be assembled from it afterwards. Great lessons!

deb said...

great photo - we are all becoming greener this year.