Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tuesday 4th August through to Saturday 8th August!

Tuesday 4th August
I went to a sewing class today with Val and Mary and made this hexagonal box. When you take the lid off, the sides drop down as they are gusseted! Don't you just love the scissors fabric?

Wednesday 5th August
I am about to clear these shelves and start again! It's all part of my paper clutter course over on I am loving the course, especially the other girls involved and the forum chat!

Thursday 6th August
It poured with rain this afternoon and evening, so me and Merlin got very very wet on our evening walk! Here's my soggy rain mac out the conservatory dripping!

Friday 7th August
I went with Mum and her friends to an absolutely gorgeous garden this afternoon. It was 'Latchetts' at Daneshill, East Sussex, near Sheffiled Park garden. I forgot my camera!EEEEEK! But Mum lent me hers, and so I managed to get a few photos. This certainly beat gardening at my house which is what we had planned to do before R&W phoned Mum to ask us to go with them! (see my other blog for more photos)

Saturday 8th August
We walked into town and had an Italin meal at our favourite resturant at the moment. My photos from the restaurant were rubbish, so here's what Worthing Sea front looks like at night!


Lesley Edmonds said...

Love that hexagonal box Linda! Very clever. What are you going to keep in it?
Lesley x

deb said...

What a great collection of photos - love your hexagonal box. I could do with some organisation tip at the moment as I am living in chaos - the girls have landed all their stuff from years of uni living all over the house. If I try and tidy it up - ie throw it out - they go mad saying they need to keep EVERYTHING!