Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday 9th August

My it is a lot easier when I just upload one day at a time! I can never get the writing to match the photos when I upload a lot like the last one!
It has been a glorious sunny dya here so I have spent it out in the garden. Here is one of the plants I have planted a Rudbekia Goldsturm. I am hoping the slugs don't eat it all! It brings much needed colour and height to this corner of the garden. Just below it is a little ground cover yellow flower whose name escapes me at the monet! And you can just make out a yellow rose which has been fantastic. It's called 'Easy Going'. Beyond is a white chrysanthemum type flower which is the start of my white garden!!! Watch this space!

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deb said...

Yellow flowers always brighten up gardens don't they.