Sunday, 18 November 2007


Not sure which way round this is supposed to be. Is it self-portrait Saturday, or Self-portrait Sunday? Never mind, it's Sunday, and here are both!

My 'show-off' picture was taken on Friday morning on the beach just down from our house. I love the way you can point your digital camera straight at the sun, and it still captures a picture! You couldn't have done that with film could you? It was a lovely sunny cold frosty morning, just right for getting good outdoor shots. The jet trails make the sky interesting. There is a bit of flare in the middle of the pebbles, but I quite like that!

MY 'self-portrait' was taken by DH a couple of years ago on holiday in Spain. We stayed in our friends villa between Moriara and Javea on the Costa Blanca. We stayed for 2 weeks which was too long - we got bored, and it was too hot! Lovely villa though, fab setting right up high on a cliff top, but a horrible drive up windy twisty roads to get to it!
It's one of the best photos of me, and I use it for avatars and CJs!!

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Gemma* said...

ooh, love that sky :)