Friday, 23 November 2007

catching up

Just playing catch up here! Here are 2 I took on my dog walk this morning:

This is part of a sculpture garden on the beach, supposed to be demonstrating plants for drought! Not that we have had any drought this year LOL! I love the way the sea air has lifted the grain, and the wood sculptures have gone silver.

This is an alley I sometimes walk along. Merlin had a little fight with another dog along here this morning. Luckily they were both on leads, so able to drag them apart!! Bit scary though, the old ticker was racing after that! He's not normally an aggressive dog, but just occasionally he gets into a scrap. Wonder what it is that makes him do that?

Sorry it's not a very good picture! Bit out of focus, but I have cropped it to try and make it look more interesting!

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