Sunday, 16 April 2017

New Camera, New Inspiration!

Two posts in a week!  Can you believe it!!
I am back to report that I have a new camera, and I am all inspired to take more photos again!  My old Nikon SLR is over 10 years old now, (and it was an old model when we bought it!), and is so heavy to lug around over my shoulder.   I wanted a lighter camera that was a bit better than a 'point and shoot'. My new phone has a fairly decent camera for that.  So we went into Jessops, and had a really lovely assistant who spent ages with us looking at the small mirrorless cameras.  I chose the Panasonic LX100, as it has a decent size sensor, and lots of dials and buttons for manual adjustment.  It looks a bit retro in the silver too!

It has its first outing up to London on my birthday on a really sunny Sunday in March.  We  were headed for lunch in the Shard!  Here's some photos:

The Shard is the tallest building in London.  We were headed for the 32nd floor for the restaurant, about half way up.

We were so lucky with the weather!  Bright, sunny and clear.  Here's a view towards the financial district with the 'walkie talkie' and the 'gherkin', other iconic buildings.

Looking to the East, with Tower Bridge in the foreground, and Canary Wharf in the background.

That is St Paul's Cathedral in the centre of the photo.

We had a lovely lunch, lovely food, well presented and brilliant service.   I thoroughly recommend the restaurant.  It was so lovely to spend the day with my family on a day out!

From left ro right, Danny (Lucy's boyfriend), Lucy, Nicholas and Maurice.

Finally, here's me and Maurice by Tower Bridge.  

So now I am all inspired again, can you suggest photo memes or challenges that I can join in and post on  my blog?


Helen said...

ooh enjoy your new camera! Jessops' service is brilliant, I love them, they are always so helpful. Great results from your new camera too .

Patio Postcards said...

Linda what fun to have a new camera & explore with it plus learning all its features. I hope you joy us on Thursdays for the Three (or two or four) ...

alexa said...

Lovely clear, crisp photos - what fun you are going to have with your camera this year! Sandie has a monthly meme 5-in-5 ( and Karen ( is a keen photographer and might be able to help out. Or how about starting one yourself and we could all join in? :).

Karen said...

Lucky you! I have two nice cameras, but have been looking at the mirrorless ones for some time now, wanting something small enough to put in my purse. You might try Patio Postcards ('s hosting a Thursday meme this year--three linked photos of things she's noticed during the week. I'm enjoying Capture Your 365 this year. ( You can start that any time. The Face Book group is lovely. I posted every day in January and February, and got out of the habit when we were traveling in March. I'm planning to get back to it in May. Enjoy!