Monday 16 November 2015

Me on a Monday

Joining in again with Sian!

It was a ‘welcoming Lucy home again after her 2 week business trip to USA’ sort of weekend.  We enjoyed hearing her stories over a couple of glasses of wine.  She has been decorating her bedroom, so it was a shopping weekend (the best!).  We shopped on Saturday for curtains, lampshade and bedding for her room, and curtains for my new craft room. Then on Sunday we shopped at Ikea for chest of drawers for her room, and desk and shelves for my craft room.  Sadly, the packages were too big for our car, so we have to have them delivered.  But we did enjoy our day!  It’s quite a drive to Ikea, we go to Southampton, which is just over 1 hour away if the traffic is good.


It was a ‘making a bigger mess before it looks tidy’ sort of weekend!  I sorted the wool and yarn in bags and baskets in the corner of my lounge, and dumped them in the dining room on their way to my craft room!


It was an ‘overwhelmingly sad and shocking’ sort of weekend when we heard of the awful terrorist attacks in Paris.  Our thoughts are with all the people caught up in the turmoil.


Sian said...

I do love a weekend with a trip to Ikea in it! (and a bit of a rummage through that wool would be a treat too).

Yes. It's hard to know what to say isn't it? We think we know a bit about violence here where I am; but this is just so overwhelmingly sad

Louise H said...

Why do we always make more of a mess when we are tidying up. And yes our thoughts are with France too. Have a good week x

Patio Postcards said...

I like how there's two for your daughter, one for you - what a lovely balance of shopping :)

I think everyone is trying to make sense, if it is even possible, of the events in Paris. We need to hold those we love, close.

Shari said...

How fun to be decorating and organising rooms Linda. I look forward to seeing your craft room when your IKEA purchases arrive. I am very envious that you IKEA, as you know!

The events on Paris are truly shocking. Our thoughts are with France too.