Saturday, 26 July 2014


I set myself the task of finishing off some sewing WIPs this month.  Here’s what I have been doing:

Number 1.  My scrappy quilt top from ‘Sunday Morning Quilts’ by Amanda Jane Nyberg and Cheryl Atkinson.  This is ‘High Five’, and it measures approximately 58 inches square.  I may yet add some more, either on the top and bottom or all the way round.  The fabrics come from scraps I pooled with my 2 craft cabin friends, Tash and Burnice



2 Red and Yellow Bear

He appeared in the magazine ‘Love Patchwork and Quilting’, and is designed by Jo Carter.  We cut him out one Monday evening at Burnice’s craft cabin, and I was determined to finish him!  It was not easy!  He is very fiddly to sew and I had to recut a few pieces because they were the wrong way round.  The instructions don’t tell you that!  Despite all this , he has turned out really well, although I don’t think I will be making any more small plushies!  He measures about 15cm tall when sitting.


3 Piped cushion with zip!

Burnice and I made the cushion front on another Monday evening at the craft cabin.  We had bought mini charm packs and were wondering what to do with them.  I decided to have a go at piping a cushion, and rather bravely stupidly thought I would put in a zip too!  I watched loads of videos on You Tube and after a bit of trial and error, ended up with this.  I am quite pleased, not bad for a first attempt! The zip works too!


3 Peg Bag

I bought this kit at Sandown quilt show back in June, from the Cross Patch stall.  I just fell in love with the bag and bought 2 lots of ‘Candy Bars’, a pack of precut blocks, each measuring 2.5 x 5 inches.  This one is Birds of a Feather by Camelot.  I will be making more of these!


4 Loopy Scarf

This came in a Seamstar craft club box.  I subscribed for a while, but found that I wasn’t really doing anything with the kits, so I gave up.  They are lovely kits and I would recommend them.  This loopy scarf is made in gorgeous cotton lawn, but sadly I won’t be wearing it myself as it is not my colours, (and it’s much too hot here at the moment!)


5 Red Dress

This dress was hanging up in my sewing/dining room for a couple of weeks.  All it needed was the hem sewing!  It is Simplicity K1913.  I got it free with Sew magazine a year or so ago.  I had tried and failed miserably to make it before, and even tried an FBA (full bust adjustment).  Then I found that another of my local sewing shops did a dressmaking drop-in on a Tuesday morning.  I am so lucky – 2 sewing shops within walking distance – The Ecletic Maker and More Sewing.  So, over a few Tuesday mornings, Laura at More Sewing helped me fit the dress.  It’s a wee bit big now, as I have lost more weight but I love the colour!  It’s really cheap polycotton from the market.  I think I paid £2 per metre!  Now I have the bodice to fit reasonably well, I would like to make more dresses with this bodice, different necklines, and different skirts.  Watch this space!




Now I should tackle some of those scrapbooking WIPs!


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Oh, that quilt is just brilliant. I love it Linda. Well done on not letting the dress defeat you. Bodices can be really tricky to fit, no matter what shape or size you are. Some patterns just suit better than others, I'm gradually learning. I'm very envious that you have those sewing shops so close by.

Chicken Licken said...

Wow busy bee! THey all look fab Linda...especially the quilt!

Sian said...

I've been enjoying a catch up today Linda..and I'm blown away by the depth and range of your sewing projects. I love them all. Bet that scarf will make a gorgeous CHristmas present for someone if it's not for you. It's lovely

Shari said...

You have been busy Linda. Your projects all look great. I love the quilt too, and that little bear. Well done on it all.

Karen said...

I'm so impressed with all of these projects. The quilt and the pillow are my favorites, but it's all lovely---and represents a LOT of work!