Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Month in Numbers April

Welcome to my Month in Numbers for April.  I am joining in with Julie at Notes on Paper for the 3rd time.

Now that the weather has improved I have my gardening mojo back!  As you can see from my recent posts I am planting a new border – so I bought 8 plants this month.  They have all been planted, I’ll do another blog post about them soon.

I have sown 7 different types of plant in the greenhouse: basil, beetroot, climbing bean, cosmos, spinach, sunflower and sweetcorn.

I am still sewing up a storm and have made 3 items of clothing this month, including the 2 baby outfits I showed you earlier.  I decided that I needed to build my fabric stash so bought 29.2 metres of fabric! This is a picture of the fabric I bought yesterday in Brighton.  I visited 3 shops, Fabricland, C&H Fabrics and Ditto Fabrics and bought 9 different fabrics.  I also ordered 2 fabrics from eBay (not shown here), 1 of which is horrible, but was only £1 per metre!

craft 003

I have crotcheted another 12 squares this month.  Here’s a photo of 43 of them taken 10 days ago.  I have since crotcheted another 5 squares to total 48.

craft 001


Due to it being Easter I needed to make space amongst the craft clutter in my dining room to eat!  I sorted out some unwanted stash to sell and posted 5 parcels.  The cost of posting parcels is now astronomical!  This parcel cost £8 to post!

sale stuff 001

Can’t leave without showing you the 4 Easter rabbits that have been sitting on the sideboard!  1 of them has been very naughty and had to be turned around to face the other way.  I can tell you that he has now been well and truly EATEN!  Now there are only 3!

arundel 003

And finally, I have my photography mojo back too!  This month I took 217 photos!!

Do pop over to Julie’s blog to see all the other Month In Numbers.


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Ooh, I would have loved to come fabric shopping with you. I'm on the look out for some nice jersey to try my hand at sewing with knits soon. I saw the Sewing magazine in Asda today.

Sian said...

You could count me in for the fabric shopping too!

Your crochet is gorgeous! I love the colours

debs14 said...

There's some lovely fabric on show there! Those bunnies would not have lasted so long in our household!

Chicken Licken said...

That's a lot of fabric!! Is it patchwork or dressmaking?

Julie Kirk said...

I like the look of the stripy fabric ... and I like the fact that you counted up your total number of metres! [Always good to know I'm not alone counting up random things each month!]

And yes postage is ridiculous isn't it? It cost me over £10 to post some of my work off to a magazine last month. I nearly choked but what could I do? I could hardly say 'hand me it back and I'll deliver it myself'!

Your post is safely pinned to the board now with everyone else now:

May May bring you many good things Linda!

Julie :-)

Nathalie said...

Oooh, looks like you consume fabric the way i consume paper! :) love your granny squares!

Jules said...

Love seeing what you chose for your fabric stash and see how they coordinate with your crochet squares too. :) You are busy!

We have a few plants started in the house but our spring is very late in coming so they can't go outside yet.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the photo of the bunnies! And what great colors in those grannie squares.

Melissa Stebbins said...

We bought plants too this month, but unfortunately ours are not yet all planted. With all your gardening and sewing you must have been busy.