Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Photography challenge–52 Weeks of Photos

I have been thinking about doing another photography challenge for this year.  A few years ago I did photo-a-day, and I have done Scrap Your Day, where you take photos for 1 day each month.  And not forgetting ‘week in my life’, which I will do later in the year.  I have taken several online classes in the past.  So what to do this year?  I didn’t want anything too prescriptive or time consuming, or that involves taking too many pictures! 

Here’s what I have decided to do:

52 weeks of photos

The challenge on 3djean’s blog started last August, but you can start anytime.  There are no rules, except that the first and last photos must be self portraits.  In between there is a list that you can choose from at random.

So here’s my self-portrait taken this morning in my kitchenSmile

 selfies 005

Do you like my new haircut?  I went to the hairdressers yesterday.  I have been searching for a new hairdresser since my previous one started letting me down and changing my appointments all the time. I want a local hairdresser I can walk to that doesn’t cost the earth!  I thought I had found a good one, but he left to start his own salon.  So I am trying another local salon.  The new hairdresser can talk for England!  She talked so much, I wasn’t sure she had done my hair properly, but I think it looks OK this morning. It is nice to have a bit of a change isn’t it?


alexa said...

You look great! I love the elfin look of your haircut ... and a photo a day sounds kinda do-able. Looking forward to more, and nice to see you in person :).

Chicken Licken said...

Looks lovely! I hate having my hair cut!