Friday, 1 November 2013

Five things…

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately!  I have loads of ideas for posts and then don’t have the time and the moment passes.  So here’s 5 things that have happened lately:

1 I made this gorgeous Momoyama Bag.  Burnice and I had bought the kit years ago at Sandown Quilt show, so she came over recently and we cut it out together.  Goodness, it wasn’t easy!! But is sewed together pretty easily.  The kit with these gorgeous Japanese style fabrics was from Step by Step Patchwork Centre, and the bag was originally in this book.

craft 002

2 I didn’t carve the pumpkin this year – instead I made this yummy pumpkin curry!  Here’s the recipe.  Ooops!  I’ve just realised that I forgot to put the chickpeas in it!!  It still tasted good, and I have 2 more dinners I have frozen for later.

home 002

3 I made a skirt!  It’s from Kwik Sew pattern.  I used a remnant I have had for years!  It’s a needlecord with these lovely embroidered net flowers.  I’m really pleased with it.  I don’t usually wear skirts as I can never get a proper fit.  This one does!

Me 009

4 Halloween cup of coffee at Cafe Latte, how cool!

halloween coffee 001

5 You’ll have heard about our great storm we had on Sunday night.  Here’s what happened to my greenhouse!  Unluckily there were already some panes of glass missing, and the wind must have whooshed in and around and exploded these panes out!  The pieces of glass went all the way down the steps!



I will link this post up to Rock Your World Friday over on Virginia’s blog


debs14 said...

So impressed with your sewing projects. That skirt is lovely, looks like it has come straight out of a Boden catalogue!

alexa said...

Oh goodness, sorry to read about and see the greenhouse. I am glad that as well as destruction, there has also been construction for balance - what a super skirt and bag! Your sewing is really taking off ...

Karen said...

Gorgeous purse! We had a patio table that shattered completely in a big wind storm. So sorry about your greenhouse; I would love to have one of those!

Burnice said...

Bag looks great. Mine is still exactly in the same condition as when I left your place!!!
You look just like your mum in that photo!!!

Virginia said...

Oh how lovely a new Rockette. I'm so sorry that your greenhouse struggled when the storm hit, hope you manage to get it repaired without too much hassle.

Loving the skirt, it loves fabulous.

Pumpkin curry, not tried that but I bet it's lovely, we usually do either pumpkin soup or pumpkin traybake!

Hope you have a fabulous week ahead.

mamapez5 said...

That is such a pretty bag. I love the fabrics. Well done! The pumpkin curry sounds good. I did laugh about the chic peas. That's the sort of thing I do. Sorry the greenhouse had to bear the brunt of the storm. It sounds like it was a bad one. Kate x