Sunday, 20 October 2013

Simply a Moment–a welcome cup of coffee

Thursday’s is my grocery shopping day.  I usually have a coffee in my supermarket, Waitrose, before I start the shopping.  But I am a bit earlier today and the restaurant is busy, so I walk to my favourite cafe, Caffe Latte:



As I approach the counter full of delicious looking cakes, I remind my myself again that I really should not order one, remember that dress that is a bit too tight at the moment!  But I should come here for breakfast one day, maybe before I go to my volunteer job at Citizens Advice Bureau.  I order my latte and find a table near the front door.  The sun is shining outside and I can see sunlight dancing on a ladies silver hair sitting by the door.  The waitress brings my coffee across to me, but unfortunately spills coffee into the saucer, I hate that, don’t you?  No matter, the coffee is good, and as I am sipping it I am adding groceries to my list.  I always shop with a list and do try to plan my menus for the week, but today I am not so organised.  I can hear other people’s chatter.  There are two women sitting at the next table, but my hearing isn’t good enough nowadays to eavesdrop!  Someone else has ordered a coffee and I can hear the noise of the milk being frothed.  I love the turquoise and brown decor in this cafe.  It’s very fresh and modern.  There are some really nice pictures on the walls too, they look great against the rich turquoise back drop.  I finish my coffee and get up to leave and walk back to the supermarket, refreshed from a few minutes reverie with a welcome cup of coffee.


Alison said...

I loved the bit about hearing lets me down too nowadays!!
Alison xx

Becky said...

Loved reading this, I felt I was sitting with you! I agree about coffee being spilt into the saucer, I really don't like it either! Thanks for sharing.

Miriam said...

I liked having coffee with you this morning and what a good idea to have it before shopping! I agree with you about a saucer full of coffee.

alexa said...

Oh, I'd really love to come and sit with you :). I loved the bit about the sun dancing on the silver hair - and I too would love to catch more bits of conversations in cafés. It sounds such a lovely place in which to reward oneself for good deeds done or about to be done! Thank-you so very much for joining in again this month, and it's always lovely to see you in the Linky :).