Saturday, 5 October 2013

California Dreaming–South down the the Pacific Coast Highway

America 2013 013 (3)

Our first stop was Santa Cruz.  We stayed in a lovely beach cottage.  (We would call them beach huts here, but this was rather big to call a hut!)  We loved Santa Cruz with it’s board walk, reputedly the oldest in the USA, and the wharf with the seals just lazing about below the deck!  We loved watching them jostle for position.  Their barking can be heard all over, especially at Monterey.

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For our second day we had decided not to travel too far, in case we were tired from the air travel, so rode the 40 or so miles to Monterey. America 2013 045

We had been advised to visit the aquarium, and were so glad we did!  It is huge!  We really loved it.  There is a massive big tank which is 3 stories high, full of fish and kelp seaweed.  We were lucky to see the diver get in to feed the fish.

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There was loads to see including these beautiful jelly fish.  It must be the best aquarium in the world!

America 2013 040

The next day we set off down the Pacific Coast Highway proper!  First stop Carmel.  What a lovely little town!  We parked the bike in the middle of the town and walked down to a beautiful white sandy beach.  There was a small crowd of people standing on the beach and as we approached them we realised that they were watching dolphins, seals and pelicans just off the shore!  A sight that will stay with me for ever!

America 2013 050

We also visited the Carmel mission, one of several along the Californian coast.  They played an enormous part in the history of California, set up by the Spanish in the 16th century to bring Christianity to that part of the world.

America 2013 009

Next stop, the Point Lobos state reserve, and a lovely walk exploring the rocky coast.  As you can see, the weather was gorgeous, blue skies and very warm!

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Here’s the Pacific Coast Highway by Big Sur.

America 2013 059

This must be one of the best places to have a cup of coffee!  It’s a cliff top restaurant called Nepenthe, in Big Sur.  Just look at that view!

America 2013 068

We spent the night at Cambria in a lovely cabin in the woods, and were all ready for the next day’s longer ride up to Yosemite.


Karen said...

You hit all of my favorite spots on that part of the California coast! I agree the Monterey Aquarium is the best, and so is Nepenthe. We were in both places over 15 years ago with our kids, and we're all still talking about it!

Helen said...

I already know I am going to enjoy following your trip by photo, Linda!! Gorgeous views, and as you say, what lovely blue skies!

Alison said...

Lovely've brought back some happy memories for me!
Alison xx

Lesley G said...

I'm reliving last year's holiday with all your lovely photos :)