Wednesday, 25 September 2013

TV Crafting

I like to sit and watch telly at about 9pm for an hour before going to bed.  I find it relaxing, but I need something to do with my hands! A bit of crotcheting, knitting or hand stitchery is best.   Here’s my latest ‘in front of the tv’ crafting, a Nancy Nicholson embroidery.  I fell in love with her drawings and embroideries as soon as I saw them.  This ‘love birds’ picture comes preprinted on good quality linen, needle and threads, with stitch instructions printed around the edge of the picture.  It all comes packed in a sweet little fabric bag with more preprinted stitchery!  Now what to do with it?  Shall I make it into a table runner, or a cushion?

garden and craft 010garden and craft 012garden and craft 011garden and craft 013

Now that autumn is just around the corner and the weather is getting cooler, I will finish my granny square crotchet blanket. Inspired by Lucy at Attic24, I started crotcheting squares in all sorts of rainbow colours.  Now I have enough to make a 9 x 9 blanket.   I have tried laying them out in a random fashion, but have to say I much prefer a more organised rainbow pattern!

craft 002

Do you have a favourite craft to do in front of the television?


helena said...

fabulous embroidery. I like to crochet while watching TV

onshore said...

That picture is awesome! Love the birds and the way you've filled them.

My favourite in front of tv craft is knitting, it is what I do best without looking at the work. On crocheting and embroidery I have to look at the project way more.

Karen said...

I love that design, and although at first I thought "table runner," I think a cushion might be better as you'd have it out all the time. It's been forever since I did needlework. I can work on scrapbook layouts and some cards while I "listen" to the news, but I don't watch much other TV.

Sian said...

I like to knit in front of the tv, partly I think because it's easy on the eyes late at night! But I'm very taken with that beautiful embroidery kit. I might have to investigate those, I think. Lovely!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Gorgeous! I vote for the table runner, which you can use seasonally. I worry about cushions getting dirty and destroyed (mainly because I have dogs . . .)