Friday, 9 August 2013


I have just bought this rose.  It is a floribunda rose called Ruby Celebration, and has these gorgeous deep red flowers.  But look at how many buds it has!  I have counted and there are at least 40 flowers to come – can’t wait!

garden 016

Here’s some of my favourite flowers which are flowering now in my garden:

A gorgeous frilly double day lily.

garden 001

A delicate pale pink single day lily:

garden 005garden 006

Cool blue agapanthus.  I have several varieties – this is the largest.

garden 009

Blue hibiscus.  I love those  purple veins!

garden 011

My lace cap hydrangea is not doing so well this year, but the japanese anenomes always do well.

garden 014garden 015


alexa said...

What a great flowering there is to come! The hydrangea here suffered in the bad winter and is struggling. Your days lilies are beautiful,

Mary Lou said...

Beautiful flowers. I think daylilies are one of my most favourite flowers. I am envious of your pink hydrangea. What you call a hibiscus we call a Rose of Sharon, which come in single & double.