Monday, 1 July 2013

In search of a tower….

Yesterday we visited Portsmouth, about 1 hour to the west of us along the coast.  Portsmouth is famous for being the home of the Royal Navy, and there is always lots to see there.  We went to visit the historic dockyard, specifically the new ‘Mary Rose’ exhibition.  I took along my list from Rinda’s Scavenger Hunt to see what I could photograph.

First off, a tower.  Should I choose this tower block of flats?  Or this conning tower on one of the navy’s most recent ships, HMS Defender?

2013-06-30 Portsmouth 0272013-06-30 Portsmouth 005

No what I really wanted to photograph was the Spinnaker Tower, rising 170m over Portsmouth Harbour.

2013-06-30 Portsmouth 0142013-06-30 Portsmouth 017

We fulfilled a dream by going up there, and walking on the glass floor!  It was a reasonably clear day so the views were pretty spectacular.  

2013-06-30 Portsmouth 0182013-06-30 Portsmouth 0212013-06-30 Portsmouth 0222013-06-30 Portsmouth 024

Other photos I have for the scavenger hunt:

How about this for a police vehicle? 

2013-06-30 Portsmouth 001

A Fence.  This is my back garden fence, I have recently cleared the gravel path.

scavenger hunt 003

How about this one?  Could it count as an animal in a zoo?  Or a theatre, as the poster was on the side of my local theatre!  I am counting it as my dinosaur!

ebay 002

I am linking up with Rinda's blog.  It’s not too late to join in!


Sian said...

I love the way that that fence really does seem to snake away into the distance..

i would love to see the Mary Rose exhibition..happy memories of watching it reappear on Blue Peter many years ago

qwiksave said...

OOh that glass floor would give me the colliwobbles!

Great photos and liking the humour in the police vehicle.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fantastic tower! Thanks for joining in.

Flora said...

Great photos, Linda! The Spinnaker Tower is a beautiful structure.

I'm participating in the scavenger hunt but haven't taken any photos yet.

Karen said...

The Spinnaker Tower photos are spectacular! My fear of heights would make the trip to the top pretty difficult for me. Even looking at your photos gives me pause.

alexa said...

Your photos are splendid - such great perspectives and your garden path seems to wander gently forever ...

Textile Recycler said...

I love that glass floor but would be sea sick standing on it! Great photos!!