Monday, 15 April 2013

Photo of the day April 2013

My friend Tash keeps chickens, and bought me half a dozen freshly laid eggs when she came for the sewing day.  Look how dark this one is!  And it tasted absolutely delicious!  Thanks Tash!  Now I want some hens in my gardenSmile

POTD April 001

Another business has failed.  Here’s the empty Blockbuster Video store in town.  Seems like we are all hiring DVDs and games online these days and from high street shops.  I know I do!  I have 2 DVDs per month from Love Film.  At the moment we are watching Jonathan Dimbleby’s 3 part series ‘Russia’.  Really enjoying it.

POTD April 001

I am fascinated by cranes!  We have several building sites in Worthing at the moment, and I love to watch these tall cranes swinging around and moving things about the building site.  The structure in the foreground is our new yacht club, the crane is on a building site for new seafront flats.  Did you know that they don’t have men in the little cabin anymore, they are remotely controlled!  I’ll have to go back and get a better photo when the sun is out!

POTD April 004

On Saturday morning I went to a sewing workshop ‘customising your wardrobe’ at Mazalino Designs.  It was fun to design cut and sew this lace collar, but I don’t think I will be wearing it!

sewing 003

Yesterday (Sunday) was warm and sunny!  YAY!  Has spring finally arrived?  We decided to go to Chichester for a wander, and coffee and cake.  On the way back to the car we walked through the last remains of the market.  We stopped to buy some bananas.  Look at this enormous lot!  Cost me £2, bargain!

chichester 015

Here’s another sign that the weather is better.  I have hung some washing out on the line todaySmile

garden 003


Sian said...

That lace collar is gorgeous!

And I like the egg picture - that would make a nice Easter card. I have some little cups which match your egg cup and they always come out at Easter

Alison said...

I thought you had painted that egg!...hope the sun stays for a while
Alison xx

Burnice said...

Just absolutely love the collar. My brown egg had a hole in it!