Sunday, 28 April 2013

Photo a Day April 2013 (21st to 28th)

Working backwards from today:

This morning we went for a lovely walk up to Chanctonbury Ring.  The walk up to the top takes you through these trees.  It’s a lovely walk, rewarded by lovely views to the North and South at the top.

chanctonbury ring 001

Yesterday (Saturday) I was ironing in the dining room.  I couldn’t resist taking this view out of the window.  That’s forsythia in the foreground, then red pieris, then orange berberis.  It looks fabulous when the sun shines!

garden 001

On Friday I spent most of the day sewing.  My Tuscan Village quilt is nearly finished!  I’ll show you next week.

sewing 003

On Thursday, while driving along the seafront coming back from shopping, I noticed a sea mist blowing in.  So I took Merlin down to the beach for a quick walk and to take some photos.  Can you see more big cranes in this photo?  They are on a hotel/apartment building site near the centre of town.

foggy day 014

No photo a day would be complete without one of my handsome dog Merlin!

dog 002

After decorating the porch inside, we realised that these rather splendid oak front doors with the stained glass are going very rotten.  We’ve had several occasions recently where they have swollen and have stuck fast, meaning we have not been able to get in.  Time for new doors? (By the way we don’t know why we have got 2 doors!)

home 001

Couldn’t really do photo a day without mentioning exercise!  I am far too shy to show you what I look like in my gym clothes, so here’s a peek at my new trainers!  The brown flat loafers are my newest pair of shoes, but I ma still wearing the black boots above most days.

home 004

I do try to eat healthily, here’s a typical lunch.

food 003


alexa said...

I do love your sea photos as we are such a long way from it and I miss it - but your top one today is my absolute favourite!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love that picture of the road.

Alison said...

A lovely set off pics...and he is a VERY handsome dog!
Alison xx