Tuesday, 5 March 2013

March craft challenge

Here’s my new monthly craft challenge: making cards.  I have signed up for an online card making class with www.studiocalico.com.  The stamps came free with the class and the 2 kraft cards at the top of the picture include printables from the class.

I was given a big pile of card making magazines at my crop last Saturday, and was inspired to make the card on the right of the picture.  Can you spot the similar card in the magazine below?

I am challenging myself to make all the birthday cards I need for the year, and maybe a few Christmas cards!  I’d like to make at least 30.

craft 005

Meanwhile I am still quilting the ‘Little Town’ quilt from the last blog post, and am desperate to get it finished so I can do something else!

It’s a been a lovely sunny day today, look where I sat to eat lunch and read my book!  By the way, I thoroughly recommend this book, Jasmine Nights by Julia Gregson.  I have really enjoyed reading it! I would love to pass it on to someone, please leave a comment and I’ll choose someone later in the weekSmile

craft 002craft 003


Shari said...

Good luck with your creating cards challenge Linda - looks like some fun supplies there, and the card is lovely.
What a lovely relaxing place to read your book :)

Sian said...

Oh, lovely! A big pile of magazines does sound like a lovely treat. Lots of inspiration there then :)

alexa said...

What a joy to be able to read and eat outside! I admire your card making intentions - it would be wonderfully reassuring to feel one already has all of those things sorted for a year ahead!

Alison said...

Good Luck with the card making .....I just don't get as much pleasure from card making as I do from scrapbooking...love yours though!
Alison xx