Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Craft Cabin

Once a month on a Monday Tash and I meet Burn in her craft cabin in her back garden in Brighton.  As last night was the last meeting before Christmas, we had to do something Christmassy didn’t we?

So we exchanged presentsSmile, here’s what they gave me:

craft 012

Aren’t they fab?  You’ll be seeing some crotchet snowflakes around here soon, and I’m sure that luscious purple cake stand will be centre stage in a few Christmassy photos!

This is what I made to give to them:

craft 001

Thanks to Lucy at Attic24 for the inspiration (and a few patterns!) The flower patterns that didn’t come from Lucy came from this book:
craft 002

And here’s what we attempted to make last night:

craft 001

The trouble was that they turned out too small, and our paper strips wouldn’t stay glued in a loop!  We did have a good laugh though!  You can’t beat’em all can you?  And after all isn’t having a good laugh what it’s all about?


Burnice said...

we did have a laugh, didn't we!!!! I do like the tree in the front bestest......
Thanks for your pressies.
Burn xxx

alexa said...

These are all lovely - to receive and to give. Your crotcheted wreaths are mini works of art!

Sian said...

A good laugh in a craft cabin sounds like a perfect evening!