Monday, 19 November 2012

I’m back! With ‘Simply a Moment’

Sorry about being missing for so long – nearly 1 month!  Not sure why exactly, although I have been busy with Christmas preparations, of which more about later in the week.  I love to get organised in November so that I can just enjoy the Christmas spirit in December and have time for some crafting of my own.

Alexa over at ‘Trimming the sails’ suggested that we take ‘Just a Moment’ each month and write about it.  You know me, I can’t resist documenting the everyday – photos, writing, scrapbooking, – so here’s my contribution for November:

It is 7.20am.  I am woken by Maurice’s bright, jolly voice, ‘cup of tea for you’.  It’s something he does every morning – and I love him for it!

I struggle to open my eyes and wake up.  Too many times I have fallen back to sleep and woken half an hour later to cold tea. It’s quite dark, the gold curtains glow faintly with the light outside.  I look at the shadows amongst the folds as they hang.  It must be quite dull outside.

My bed is big, warm and comfortable. We’ve thrown off the blanket during the night – too hot- and it lies in a heap at the bottom of the bed.  I move my legs tentatively testing for how sore they feel after my exercise at the gym last night.

I am thinking about the day ahead, coffee with friends later on this morning, always a joy!  First though I must get out of bed, dress in dog walking clothes and take Merlin out.

The radio has been on since 7am but I haven’t heard it up until now.  Chris Evans is shouting excitedly.  It’s ‘Children in Need’ day and people are ringing in with pledges of money for the worthy cause.  In the background, I hear the rest of the family moving about and getting up.

But, I’m staying here, sipping my warm tea – comfortable and warm in my big bed.

garden 147


Back later in the week with some crafting!  See you thenSmile


Missus Wookie said...

Sounds a lovely morning moment, Wookie makes me coffee and I do appreciate it. Scrapping the everyday is one of my passions too.

Oh - your comment on my blog made me smile - 'cause it's 2pm and I'm finally sitting down to yet another interrupted lunch. Yep, of soup and my first thing on sitting down is turning on the ipad to first check mail (when I saw your comment) and then read blogs.

Irene said...

What a lovely start to your day and how comfy that bed looks. I can feel your resistance to get out of it!
Welcome back to blog land and for sharing your morning.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great "moment." I love how it captures the radio and tea and your big comfy bed.

alexa said...

Lovely to see you again! and I am admiring that wonderfully comfy-looking bed and your so-vivid description of your moment. Hoping the coffee with friends was lovely. I like the idea of getting lots done in November so there's time for crafting in December!

Alison said...

Great to have you back Linda! Your moment makes me want to climb into bed right now!
Alison xx