Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Simply a Moment

Inspired by Alexa, I took a moment on Saturday lunchtime and made notes and took photographs to document ‘simply a moment’.  Here it is:

just a moment 001

It is 1.25pm on Saturday 15th September 2012.  I am sitting in the conservatory with Maurice having just eaten lunch.  We had muffins with bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes, with orange juice to drink.  It is warm and sunny outside, but the sun has yet to come round onto the conservatory.

The kids are both out, there’s just us and the dog, who is hanging expectantly about us waiting for scraps. 

The table is an old oak draw-leaf covered with a pale blue tablecloth with white polka dots.  There is a pile of sticks on the table, waiting to be painted a la Alisa Burke, and Motorcycle News, which Maurice is reading.  The rest of the conservatory is messy with Lucy’s washing hanging on a dryer, and a big cardboard box with stuff spilling out fo the top waiting to go to the shed.just a moment 003

There is a lovely green view from here out onto the garden, with a backdrop of trees from neighbouring gardens.  There is a new shed in progress of being erected on the patio outside. The sun is noticeably lower in the sky now it is September, but is shining on the leaves in the pots outside, and I can see little white butterflies fluttering about in the gentle breeze.

just a moment 004

The radio is playing – Tony Blackburn’s top 20 from 1974.  Here’s the top 5:

5 John Denver – Annie’s Song

4 Sylvia – Viva Espana

3 Donny and Marie Osmond – Leaving it all up to you

2 Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting

1 Osmonds – Love Me for a Reason

We are talking about the music and how we remember these songs!  Sadly, I can remember all the words!!  We’re talking about a family member expecting a baby, while a small airplane flies overhead, and the beep of the microwave interrupts us as the milk for our coffee is ready.


Sian said...

I especially like the sounds you have included here - they really resonate

Alison said...

I really enjoyed your moment Linda!
Alison xx

alexa said...

This is so evocative, Linda - I love the feeling of being right there, especially when you include so many of the little details which make your moment alive. I feel very touched and honoured you've participated. :) And intrigued that you might be thinking of having a go at Alisa's sticks. I liked them too!

Irene said...

This is a lovely way to have recorded your moment. I felt like I was right there watching you enjoying this peaceful time together, and I could almost smell the bacon... M mm!

Amy said...

You have captured the details of your moment so well Linda.

Giulietta said...

I agree with all these comments, Linda, but I especially like the way you used the microwave bleep to end on - the moment was over when you had to get up to get the milk!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I feel like all your senses are heightened in this moment - from the view extending out, to the songs extending back in time.

Gloria said...

Enjoyed the sounds and your moment. Nicely done.