Sunday, 8 January 2012

One Little Word 2012

I’m being greedy and having 2 words this year (even though the word GREED is in exact opposition to my wordsSmile)!  I wanted a word that meant ‘not to waste things’ so I came up with ECONOMICAL. 







(picture from

Since then I’ve also thought of RESOURCEFUL


The Resourceful Birds and the recycled garden twine

(picture from

I want to take care of all my resources, and use them economically and efficiently, including:



Energy and Effort

Home, including energy efficiency and water resources


Transport (cycle more and use the car less!)

Material things I use such as clothes, household items

Material things to do with my hobbies, eg scrapbook stash, fabric stash, gardening.

I am hoping that this will lead to living a more ecological lifestyle, as well as using up my own resources more efficiently.


alexa said...

Such wonderfully resourceful words in themselves! Looking forward to reading how these permeate your life this year and wishing you every success. :)

Sian said...

The two go together perfectly. Best of luck with their application!

Nicky said...

Hey Linda I'm returning your recent visits but cannot reply to your comments on my blog as you are coming up as a no-reply blogger.

If you want to change that then there is a link on my sidebar to follow ...

Otherwise I look forward to reading your comments but cannot respond directly!

Alison said...

Best of luck with applying your words!
Alison xx