Monday, 5 December 2011

The Nothingness is astonishing!

02.12.11 tree 001


exclaimed husband when he came home to find our big cedar tree felled!  It was fairly close to the house and seriously blocked out the light, in fact, the dark green evergreen needles seemed to suck in the light!  The weirdest thing is when you turn to enter the kitchen from the hall and glance up the stairs to the huge landing window.  That’s where the ‘nothingness’ hits you!  Our eyes are used to focussing on the branches of the tree, and now….nothing, except grey sky.


Our tree surgeons Mr Tree, did a fantastic job!  They are just so professional, and very exciting to watch!  Here’s Ross up the tree, roping and chain sawing huge big branches so they didn’t drop onto the summer house roof.

29.11.11 garden 00129.11.11 garden 00529.11.11 garden 0142011-11-30 001 0052011-11-30 001 00630.11.11 tree 005

After the branches were cut off, the top of the tree was felled in 1 go down to about 7 foot.  Brendon the furniture maker wanted the bottom bit of the trunk, all 1 ton of it!  Here they are rolling it out to the front to get it onto his trailer.


30.11.11 tree 00730.11.11 tree 01630.11.11 tree 013

We are left with a huge pile of logs…anyone got an open fire?

And here’s what it looked like last week, taken from the same place as the top picture:

garden 099


Alison said...

Wow what a difference that must make!
Alison xx

scrappysue said...

I'm sure it will take some time to get used to that nothingness. Great that you have it all documented in piccies though! x