Monday, 17 October 2011

Pretty Paper Stash

Today is the first day of Shimelle’s new class, Pretty paper party.  In her first prompt, she urged us to think about what sort of paper collectors we are.  Well – right now I am a scrap collector!  I used to be a kit collector, subscribing to several kits and many a month was tempted with sumptuos add-ons.  The brown pizza boxes they arrived in mounted up in an untidy pile, which just got bigger and bigger!  So about 1 year ago, I unsubscribed to kits and decided to make a determined effort to use up all that pretty paper.  But, even though I have scrapped a lot this year (I did LOAD twice), the pile reduced awfully slowly.  Eventually, I took all the kits out of the boxes and sorted them into my existing stash, all pretty paper now just about fits in 1 cropper hopper paper holder and is sorted by colour.

At that point I was overrun with scraps!  I have long since used these drawers for scraps and sorted into hot and cold colours.  Excuse the child like painting, the drawers are made of cardboard, and I like to doodle on them whenever I get paint out!2011-10-17 001 004

Here’s a sneak peek in the ‘hot colours’ drawer.  I went through both drawers recently and just kept the larger rectangular pieces.  Most of the paper on the top is left over from the retreat I went on recently.  It’s from Glitz Design and is just gorgeous!

2011-10-17 001 003

The rest I tossed into a drawer at the bottom of my drawer stack.  I hope I will use these for punching out shapes etc.

2011-10-17 001 001

I try not to worry about whether the paper is old fashioned, in fact, I often find a small piece of an older paper that I love!

How do you store/use up your scraps? 


Melissa said...

I store my scraps sorted by color in a bin right beside my craft chair so it's easy to grab a color file & find what I need to finish up (or start!) a layout. I'm a Paper Collector & Scrap Sorter!

scrappysue said...

Linda, I love the way you have divided your colours up by hot and cold! All my scraps are currently in a plastic drawer thingie; I don't mind that they are all together, since I seem to enjoy looking through them when I need something. I also stopped kits; the add-ons are too tempting and it costs you a fortune in the end!

Chicken Licken said...

Ooo get you Mrs organised! My scraps are stuffed in a box......but I ONLY buy new for a project......mostly!

Shari said...

Love this system Linda - so organised. How do I store my scraps - all over the place with no particular system :). I have some in little drawers, some in piles - clearly I need to attend to this!