Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mama’s taking me to the zoo…..

What a beautiful early autumn day it has been!  Sunny, warm, but clear and not a breath of wind or humidity!  So I went to the zoo with Mum.  Marwell Zoo near Southampton to be exact.  I hadn’t been there for years!  last time we went my children were small.  It was nice to go round and focus on the animals and try to take some good pictures!

marwell zoo 002marwell zoo 015marwell zoo 020marwell zoo 030marwell zoo 032marwell zoo 037marwell zoo 040marwell zoo 043marwell zoo 056

But the best story of the day was about this little joey and his mother:

marwell zoo 050

We noticed him (or her?) poking out of his mother’s pouch

marwell zoo 051

Look here he comes for some fresh air!

marwell zoo 054

Here he is finding his feet!  He seemed a little wobbly.  Then the keeper arrived round the back of their pen, and made a crashing noise.  All the kangaroos looked startled, we watched as the little joey disappeared back into the pouch!  Completely out of sight.  So sweet!


Chicken Licken said...

Awww that is a verrrry cute joey! And that meerkat...please tell me she was very pregnant!

alexa said...

These are superb: you get such clarity and detail, and I love the composition and clarity in the second one particularly. :)

Shari said...

What fun Linda - love that little joey, and the red panda! Pleased to hear you enjoyed your day at the zoo.

scrappysue said...

Sounds like a fun day Linda; love the meerkat, one of my fav animals. So sweet to see the little joey pop out (more than we saw even in Australia!). x

Alison said...

Great pictures Linda...and great Joey story!
Alison xx