Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 photos of Internet Friends

This summer I have had the privilege to meet in person 2 friends I have made on the internet.  This got me thinking, how many friends have I met via the internet?


Top Row are my 2 latest friends, Lau and Nancy, met this summer through

Second Row:

The last Scrapettes team over on  Sadly we seemed to run out of steam earlier this year.  This photo taken at The Craft barn, where we met for a crafty outing in September 2009.  That’s Karen, Sara, Pat, Geraldine and me

I was lucky to go to a real life class run by Shimelle!  It was ‘Everyone has a Story’ in Portsmouth in November 2009.  Actually, I have only recently finished this album!

Third Row: forum used to be my ‘go-to’ place everyday!  Burnice, Tash and I went down to Exeter to stay with Lesley in January 2008.  We met the people who run Tanda stamps at the Exeter craft show.

More Scrapettes!  This is me with Jan and her neice at Jan’s 60th birthday party in June 2007.  Sadly Jan passed away nearly 4 years ago.

Fourth Row:

Both pictures are Scrapettes, the first one is at MJ’s crop near Newbury, in May 2006!  Gosh, was it that loing ago!  I used to drive 2 hours to get to this crop!  But it was worth it. Maria, Geraldine, and Dawn in the back row, with MJ and me sitting down.  The second one was taken when we met at a craft sale down in the New Forest in April 2006. Alys, me, Jan, MJ and Maria.


Fifth Row:

First photo was taken at a Scrappers Paradise weekend retreat in Guildford in October 2007.  I got to know these girls when I went to the Crawley Crop.  It was Monday nights, once a month.  Burnice started to come with me after a while.

Second photo is the first time I met Burnice and Tash, at the Brighton Centre craft show in February 2007.  We are now really good friends and meet once a month in Burnice’s craft cabin.  Nowadays we sew rather than paper craft.


These photos make me feel even more excited for my scrapbooking retreat coming up this weekend!  I’m off to Eastbourne for the Cardinal Colours Annual Retreat!  Woohoo!


Melissa said...

How wonderful that you've been able to meet up with Internet friends! I've met a few ladies that I've met online, but the best friend I've met yet was my sweet husband - we first met online!

Gem's Crafts said...

Wow, you certainly have met lots of internet friends! I met my other half through the internet, and wouldn't be without him now! Hope you have a lovely time at your weekend crop!

Shari said...

What fun Linda - great that you have met up with so many new friends. I hope that we get to meet one day too :)

scrappysue said...

Oh how wonderful to see all your on-line friends Linda (especially Lau and Nancy of course!). And how fun that you met Shimelle and have a photo too! x

Chicken Licken said...

OMG I used to be slim....and young! What a great thing it is we met! Delighted to be one of your "internet" friends! xxxxx