Sunday, 31 July 2011

Week in the life–Sunday Dragon Boats!

Lucky I took my camera with me on my early morning dog walk!  As part of the seafront fayre, they hold a coach rally on the seafront just down from us.  Look at this gorgeous coach!  That’s real ‘go-faster’ livery don’t you think?  (Actually tonight it’s parked in a road just round the corner and we’ve just walked past it on our evening dog walk)  Not sure how old it is, 1930s/40s perhaps?

Week in the life 25 July 351

There is a certain sort of man that likes coaches!  It’s a real ‘anorak’ event, even on a sunny warm day like today!  This is one of the many stalls along the prom selling memorabelia and models of coaches.

Week in the life 25 July 353

Maurice was participating in this dragon boat race in aid of a local animal charity.  Mum and I walked down from her house and sat eating our lunch on a picnic rug.  There were 2 teams from American Express, Maurice’s  team were the Centurions, and I am sad to report they were one of the slowest boats!  But the other Amex team was the overall winner!

Week in the life 25 July 355

As you can see in the background the event was very well attended!

Week in the life 25 July 372

Here’s Mum and me in the American Express ‘Hospitality’ tent!  Well we were offered a cocktail and a sandwich!

Week in the life 25 July 380

Just along from the lake is this lovely wildflower planting.  It is so colourful!

Week in the life 25 July 389

I felt really tired when I got home, so I sat drinking a cup of tea and reading for a while under the shade of the tree

Week in the life 25 July 392

before watering my pots!

Week in the life 25 July 396

Sadly that’s the end of my Week in the Life.  I have really enjoyed taking these pictures and giving you a glimpse into my everyday life.  Now I have to decide how to record it all!  Should I just leave this here on the blog, or do an album?  Lots of ideas whizzing around at the moment, watch this space!


Shari said...

Fun photos Linda - that coach is amazing. The flowers are beautiful too. I have really enjoyed this glimpse into your daily life. Good luck with your album - if you decide to do one :)

Margie said...

What a coincidence that you had your Dragon Boat race this weekend too! In China Dragon Boat festival holiday is in April. The kids get the day off school, but we have never actually seen any races. At our race, there were two teams from Taiwan, though none from China. I love your photos. I especially like the perspective of the one of you watering flowers and that flower photo is just gorgeous! Looks like a lovely day.

alexa said...

What a great snapshot of that coach! Redolent of more relaxed days on the road ... Love the photo of your garden too - looks as good as the wild-flower patch photo. :)

Helen said...

It's the taking part that counts - at least Maurice tried...
Love the wild flowers, so pretty.
Thanks for stopping by my blog - yes, I am lucky to live close enough to get to Kew regularly! It's great watching the seasons there....

Chicken Licken said...

I've loved reading it too Linda! I think we are all just a little bit nosey aren't we?!

Alison said...

Love the flower pic...have enjoyed seeing your week!
Alison xx