Thursday, 28 July 2011

Week in the Life–Exercise and flowers

Today was all about exercise (well this morning was!) and flowers.  I have bee trying to get up a bit earlier this week to get out for my dog walk before it gets busy.  I have been waiting for a nice sunny morning to take some pictures, but it just hasn’t happened this week!

This morning we walked along the beach at high tide.  (I have written down the tide times for my album)

Week in the life 25 July 111Week in the life 25 July 113Week in the life 25 July 118



Then I decided to go for my weekly swim early  - again to avoid the crowds (it’s school holidays here in the UK), and I swam my usual 30 lengths.  I found it quite gruelling today, but persevered as I wanted to report here that I had done my 30!  It’s a 33.3m pool, so that’s a whole kilometre that I swim!

Week in the life 25 July 126

After swimming I bought a coffee and went to sit in Beach House Gardens to drink it and look at the lovely floral displays, and memorial to the war pigeons! Carrier pigeons were used to send messages behind enemy lines and this little memorial remembers the bravest of them!

Week in the life 25 July 127Week in the life 25 July 128Week in the life 25 July 132Week in the life 25 July 133

Then I sorted my sewing projects, quite flowery!  Here’s my ‘Tuscan Village Scene’ and a close up of the window box:

Week in the life 25 July 156Week in the life 25 July 157 

Watering the pots:

Week in the life 25 July 169


We had a bit of fun taking photos at dinner time:

Week in the life 25 July 170Week in the life 25 July 171Week in the life 25 July 173Week in the life 25 July 174


Sandra said...

It's enjoyable to see your day :)

Shari said...

Congratulations on the swimming Linda - I am so impressed you are keeping this up, 30 lengths is very impressive. Great dinner pics - love the look of your healthy meal. Cute photo of Merlin (as always).

Kathy said...

I love your post. Very impressive needlework, I like the colors and the scene.

Margie said...

I'm loving all of your photos, Linda! Just catching up on all your WITL posts. Great perspectives and interesting topics - even the ordinary stuff looks fun and interesting.