Monday, 25 July 2011

Week in the Life

I have decided to participate in Ali Edwards project this time.  I am also taking part in another simplify101 course, this time it’s time management!  So for the first week I have to log my time – how neat that this coincides with Week in the Life!


Here’s a sneak peek at my Monday:

Trying to look smart for my first training session at CAB.  (I am training to be a gateway assessor for Citizen’s Advice Bureau)

week in the life 25 july 005

A healthy lunch in front of a not-so-healthy computer!

week in the life 25 july 008

My afternoon job was to put weedkiller down on the drive

week in the life 25 july 011

Coffee time!

week in the life 25 july 015

I know I am going to find that I spend far too much time doing this:

week in the life 25 july 018


A lovely evening for a walk along to the yacht club.

week in the life 25 july 027


alexa said...

Delighted to find another WIYLifer! :). You look very smart and I am admiring your wardrobes! :)

Alison said...

I would find that I spend too much time at the computer too Linda....I would like to do WITL, but this is always a bad time of year for me with summer visitors-my stress levels are too high to even contemplate it!!:)
Alison xx

Shari said...

What fun Linda - love your pics and insight into your day. What a great project.

scrappysue said...

Hi Linda, loved reading about your trip to France; lovely photo with Lau and her family; what a beautiful area too. Would have loved to have seen the Bayeaux tapestry. In theory I am doing WITL, but I may struggle to put it all together when we get back! Fun to see your daily photos, must remember to take a few of me too, thanks for the reminder ! x

RNBsmom said...

Hi Linda, by chance yours was the first link I clicked on when visiting other AWITL blogs from Ali's blog. Lovely photos, as always! xx