Saturday, 23 July 2011

Vacances en France Part 2


We arrived in South Brittany after about 7 hours travelling!  Mostly in the wet, and my trousers had leaked!  France 2011 082

A word or two about the satnav!  Maurice spent an inordinate amount of time fiddling with routes and via points!  But, it did invariably get us to the correct place without too much bother.  It just had a weird sense of which was the quickest way sometimes, sending us down tiny country lanes or straight through the middle of towns instead of a lovely smooth bypass!

France 2011 083

We stayed with another English couple at Le Petite Charrue.  It would be easy to say that we were boring and not very adventurous staying with English people in France!  But in our defence, we don’t speak much French (I have schoolgirl c1975 French, Maurice has none!), and it turned out to be really interesting talking to these English people who have made their lives in France.

The next day was the reason we had come all the way to Brittany.  We started the morning looking around La Roche Bernard:

France 2011 067France 2011 074

And then we had lunch and spent the rest of the day with my old school friend Rachel, and her delightful husband Herve.  Rachel and I were best friends when we were about 12, but then her family moved away.  We have kept in touch for 40 years!  We haven’t seen each other very much during that time, I think the last time we met was about 20 years ago!  Herve is holding their gorgeous little grandson Gabriel here.  Rachel and Herve are professional folk musicians, you can see their website here.

France 107

France 118

We spent the rest of our time in Brittany riding round the Golfe de Morbihan, a vast inlet with hundreds of little coves and inlets, and some beautiful little fishing villages.  We visited Carnac where there are hundreds of neolithic stones all lined up in some formation depicting the movement of the sun and moon.

France 2011 095France 2011 098

We also visited the main town of the region – Vannes, with it’s lovely medieval centre

France 137

France 2011 103France 097

Now we were on our way home, so we rode back towards Dieppe stopping for 1 more night near Bayeux (Part 3)

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Shari said...

More great photos Linda. I really enjoyed reading about your travels in France. You got to see a lot in your week away.