Wednesday, 29 June 2011

What’s on your worktop Wednesday?

Not exactly on my worktop, but was yesterday!  These are the final pages for my ‘Home’ album.  This particular page I had actually made a good while ago.  It is based on a page from Shimelle’s ‘No place like Home’ class, which was what inspired me to do this album.  I hadn’t done any journaling on this DLO until yesterday.  I had a sudden burst of inspiration and decided to journal about the Quirks of this House!

  1. we have 2 front doors (can be seen in this photo of DH and the dog).  They lead into a shallow porch from which there is just 1 door into the hall.  We often get junk mail delivered through both letterboxes, delivery people think we are flats.
  2. Our doorbell goes off in thunderstorms!  I guess it must be something to do with static electricity as it is battery operated.  It’s a musical doorbell that plays several tunes.  Merlin (the dog) loves to ‘sing’ along to the tunes!
  3. There is a crack in the bathroom wall that won’t go away!  As soon as DH fills it – it reappears.  It doesn’t appear to get any worse though, maybe just a little expand and contract with the weather.
  4. The weird shape of all the rooms.  Who designed this house?  It’s an L shape with the hall across the inner corner.  When I tried to draw out the floor plan for this album I really couldn’t do it without standing in each room.  But… that’s what gives it so much character!
  5. The lamp on the newel post on the stairs.  Funnily enough it was exactly the same as on DH’s Dad had!  It’s all wired in to the light switch.  Who thought of that?
  6. Whenever I am cooking something with a strong smell, you can smell it hours later upstairs!  There must be a waft of air up the stairs.  I wonder what drives that?
fittleworth garden 001

And here’s the final page of the album.  I pulled out all the photos in #cold storage’ that I hadn’t used and used my square punch on them!  I love pages like this, they look stunning and come together really quickly.


home 036

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Alison said...

Love that you've done a page about quirks...I'm sure we could all come up with a few things for that subject!
Alison xx

Jo.C said...

This is great - I need to do more scrapping of the things I take for granted as I think these details will be fascinating in the future.
Love the LO

alexa said...

How wonderful is this! Both visually, and the journalling - all these details which no photo could possible capture, and no-one else would know. Loved reading this. And how great to push forward with a project which has been hanging around for a while!

NatashaMay said...

What a gorgeous page! Thanks for sharing your house with us. :) Happy WOYWW!

okienurse said...

awesome layout! Very detailed. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #39

Gem's Crafts said...

Loved reading about all the little quirks in your house. I started this class when Shimelle first ran it, but only ever did the first LO!