Sunday, 10 April 2011

Paper Clutter

I have been updating my filing systems over the last few days.  After LOAD and Garden a Day, this has become known as PCAD (Paper Clutter A Day LOL)

A couple of years ago I did Aby Garvery’s Paper Clutter course on her website  I reorganised and labelled and filed and the paper clutter now looks great!  But it needed a bit of an update and tweaking.  One of the things I realised was that I don’t ever go back to old magazines!  I had boxes of photography, craft, and family history magazines.  Well I am afraid they have all been tossed.  From now on if I buy a magazine, once it has been read it is going in the recycling bin!  I might rip out the odd article, but even that file is not looked at much.

When we sorted out the loft back in November, I threw away whole boxes full of old school books!  I had kept nearly every one I had ever written in!  Now I have a large bin half full with a few English books, topic books, and early ‘news’ books.  Plus a file of essays I wrote when I did my degree at Sussex University 10 years ago:

paper clutter 003

Picture is of the putting up of the Christmas decorations.  What about those arms!!!

paper clutter 004

All my drawings look like I traced them.  Remember tracing paper?  Either that or I never sharpened a pencil!

paper clutter 005

Essays from 4 years of studying neuroscience at Sussex University.  I can’t understand many of them now!

paper clutter 006

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Chicken Licken said...

Aww those drawings are so cute! I still have pretty much everything I think so maybe I need to do this too, I just never have the time!