Monday, 18 April 2011

Beyond Blogging

Today is the start of another fabulous online class from Shimelle!  It is my mission, with the help of this class to improve my blog! 

One of my goals for this year is to begin to write, which to be honest, I have not done too well at lately!  However, I think this class might help.  After all, I WRITE my blog don’t I?  So it will be some writing practiseSmile

The first thing I’d like to ask you – my readersSmile  - is to say hello!  If you do happen to drop by, please leave a comment and say hello.  Please tell me what you are passionate about.

Me, I am passionate about:

  • my family
  • my home
  • my garden
  • photography
  • scrapbooking
  • sewing, especially quilting.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

garden 037garden 039


Jo.C said...

As yours really except for the sewing and quilting which is something I would like to learn as I used to love making my own clothes years ago. Now what to put as my question?

Craftyangel said...

hi Linda

I'm doing Shimelles class too, found you via forum

passionate about scrapping and cardmaking and walking my hound along the coast...i'm sure lots of other things to


cate said...

I'm still thinking about my post! but your list is nice to read... I think at the very top of my list will be "telling the story"...

Caroline B said...

Hey fellow classmate :)

Passionate about a wide variety of crafts, my family, my cats and photography.

Jane said...

Hi Linda

I'm doing Shimelle's class too. I love same as you apart from the quilting, have yet to give that a go.

Alison said...

Hi Linda...your garden looks so gorgeous, as does your dog! Have dropped by from BBFS-I share all your passions except for the sewing! Am not too great at the photography, but obviously need to for my scrapbooking!!
Alison xx

Photographing Mom said...

Saying hello. ;) I haven't got to today's prompt yet.

Passions for me are photographing, digital scrapbooking, reading and my family.

Margie said...

I'm passionate about photography, then documenting memories (in the form of blogging, scrapbooking & taking notes on scraps of paper)!

Chicken Licken said...

Well hello! I am passionate about education, family (not just mine but the institution on the family which seems to be disappearing)hens, craft and photography.

Jinnag said...

Hi - another classmate here - I share your passins too - but would include words and dance in my list. Jen x

lime said...

Hello! We're taking the class together. I'm passionate about my family, faith, photos and scrapbooking.

anneberit aka lime
I blog at:

humel said...

Hello, classmate! :-)

I'm passionate about: my family, teaching, maths, blogging, photography, being creative (which encompasses papercrafts, cooking, sewing, scrapbooing, art journaling, altering.....) Oh, and my faith! Which should really be first on the list!

Great post, really got me thinking, thank you :-)

Giullietta said...

Hi Linda, I have been lurking, admiring your pictures. Those tulips with the sun shining through them are beautiful.
My list would be the same as yours pretty well but I would add my two countries, Scotland and France, my faith, and I am beginning to feel passionate about Fairtrade since I recently read a book called The Fairtrade Revolution.
All the best with the new course!

Nancy Fletcher said...

Hi Linda,

Your garden is beautiful -- related to "Garden a Day" of course. I'm passionate about my family, knitting, quilting (sometimes) and visiting the UK and continental Europe whenever I can.

Donna said...

Hi Linda, I've always thought your blog was wonderful!!!
I'm passionate about...
growing in my faith with my Lord,
my family, my home, encouraging people, being creative thru my crafts and my art.

Cheri said...

family, home, scrapbooking, photography, reading, traveling, online courses (I'm a junkie), and I'm just getting into mixed media.

Shari said...

Linda - I really enjoy your blog and it is fantastic to see you follow your passions.
Your garden is looking great, you must be thrilled with it.
I am passionate about my family and close friends, my home, being outdoors, scrapbooking and photography (the latter two not getting my attention right now!)

Alysse said...

Stopping by from Shimelle's class. I too am passionate about photography!

Wanda said...

Hi, Linda...I'm here from BBFS. I like digi-scrapping, photography, photoshop, cooking, and, lately, blogging. All in all, more than enough to keep me busy!