Thursday, 24 March 2011

More gardening

I did more of my north facing border on Monday and Tuesday.  I know you have to be careful pruning a hydrangea so I looked it up on the internet.  It flowers on last year’s growth, so it won’t flower if you cut it all down.  This bush is quite big, so I pruned out a few of the outside stems.  It’s a lace cap hydrangea.

garden a day 156


And here’s some of my old terracotta pots on those old steps!

garden a day 119

Mum came over to help yesterday (Wednesday)

garden a day 143garden a day 145

garden a day 148

I didn’t have much time today, so I swept the patio again, and watered some of my pots on the patio.  Here’s my little ‘nursery’ where I’ve potted up some little seedlings I’ve found in the garden.

garden a day 151garden a day 152

And look!  My fuschias are beginning to grow!

garden a day 154


Donna said...

Love your pots I knew those steps had character!
You mentioned your mum, my MIL loved to come over and work in my garden, Daniel(my oldest) was over here this evening helping me with a vegetable bed, he mentioned how much he missed her. She loved to dig in the dirt as she put it.

Chicken Licken said...

Your garden is beginning to look gorgeous now! Fancy starting on mine next?! x