Sunday, 20 March 2011


I love a day-cation!  It needs to be a fair drive away, 2 hours to Oxford is just right.  You feel like you’ve travelled somewhere!   It’s best if we don’t take a packed lunch Smile, but we often do!  We love to wander around with our cameras, and don’t usually go into museums and art galleries.  But sometimes it’s nice to take in some culture.

We went to Oxford for the day yesterday to spend the day with Nicholas.  We just love the walk into the city centre along the river!  All the Oxford colleges have their rowing clubs here

oxford 001oxford 007

These pictures are taken minutes from the city centre!

oxford 003oxford 004oxford 008

We went to the Pitt Rivers museum, full of old bones!  Here’s an iguanadon:

oxford 010

And a mother and baby elephant:

oxford 013

The architecture was lovely too.  Then we went to the Ashmolean museum, where we had lunch and wandered round a bit.  Some fabulous paintings!


oxford 016

Maurice fettled Nicholas’s bike (which is my old bike after his was stolen)

oxford 019

We took Nicholas out for dinner and didn’t leave Oxford until 8pm, arriving home about 10pm, a lovely day-cation!


Chicken Licken said...

Wow a lovley day-cation! Love that phrase!x

Donna said...

I love day trips, when the weather gets warm I'm itching to get out on the road!!!

scrappysue said...

Sounds like a very fun day Linda; it looks so beautiful too!