Monday, 14 February 2011

RIP Debbie


Me with Debbie c 1975

My ‘little’ cousin Debbie died last week.  So sad.  She was only 44 and leaves a husband and 2 adopted teenage daughters.  It is her funeral tomorrow.  I expect there will be lots of people there.  She was very popular.


I didn’t know her as an adult, but as children we were close.  In the late 1960s and  early 1970s, Aunty Margaret and Uncle David used to come and stay at the seaside with their 3 children, Debbie being the youngest.  I was never much of a girly-girl and rarely played with my dolls, but when Debbie came they all came out along with clothes and accoutrements! I have very fond memories of those times.


When I got married in 1978 Debbie was my obvious choice for bridesmaid.  She was 13 and looked beautiful!  12 years later when she got married she had Nicholas, aged 2, as a page boy.  He looked dead cute in mini top hat and tails, but boy did he hate it!


Rest in peace Debbie.  It will be a sad day tomorrow.


Chicken Licken said...

Lovely pictures Linda, and a great way to remember her. X

scrappysue said...

Linda, this is so heartbreaking; she was so young too. Sending big ((hugs)) to you all.