Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I love to make new year’s resolutions, I love the fresh start and new beginnings!  Last year I joined an online class from www.simplify101.com to help me set my goals and live a life I love!


So I thought I’d better do a review of last year’s goals before I start all over again in this year’s class:

Here are my goals for 2010

I will lose 14lbs (1 stone) in weight by my birthday (25th March) by eating more sensibly (cutting out crisps, cakes, biscuits) and exercising 3 times per week (exercise DVD, swimming or cycling) I will keep a food and exercise diary to help me keep this up.

I did lose about 9lb, but it took me to the end of the year!  Unfortunately I have put several pounds back on over Christmas!  I will be happy if I can stay below 11 stone generally.

I was rubbish at the exercise!  I simply cannot and do not want to do it!!!  But I try to walk the dog for longer walks

During the month of February I will take a moment before meeting friends to remember what they have been doing and ask them about it. I will also follow up important life events such as job changes.

This has morphed a bit into an active listening goal.  I am not very good at it yet, I need loads more practise but I am aware of when I am not doing it!

During the month of February I will go out just with DH to the theatre or cinema.

This was my/our big success!  We went out to the theatre, cinema, concerts, etc once a month and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  I have to say that this has added a little more sparkle to our relationship!

During the rest of January I will research for a course that will teach me MS Excel and practise using it at work.

Yes, i did the research, but didn’t use it at work.  I’ve now left my job and am not currently working.

At the end of January I will check our bank balances and transfer any money that is left into our savings account. I will analyse our spending for the month so that I know what we are spending our money on.

Another success!  just got to finish off analysing Nov and dec, but I now know how much we spend and where it goes!  We’ve cut back a little and managed to save a fair bit this year.  I’ve even switched bank accounts and savings accounts for better rates.

By the end of June 2010, I will have researched and bought a picture for the lounge room wall.


By the end of June 2010 I will research and buy bedside cabinets for our bedroom.

There’s a story to this one!  When we were clearing out the loft we were selling some pine shelves and a pine chest.  The chap who came to buy them asked if we had any more pine we wanted to sell, so Maurice sold our existing pine bedside cabinets!  I found some really nice ones on the internet and ordered them.  They were due to be delivered just before Christmas, but got delayed because of the snow!  They were then due to be delivered on 28th Dec, but when the lorry arrived, there was only one of them on board!  So we finished the year with just one!!!

So now you know!

Do hop over to Aby Garvey’s www.simplify101,com and have a look at her classes.  they are excellent!

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