Friday, 31 December 2010


We have had a wonderful Christmas!  Lots of family gatherings, entertaining, too much food and drink, and lots of lovely presents!

I finally got round to uploading some pics yesterday!


Mum stayed over Christmas eve and was with us for the present opening!  It was lovely.


Here’s Nicholas waiting patiently…

December daily 374


And then getting stuck in….  this was a sci-fi magazine

December daily 378


Lucy’s presents waiting to be opened.  She needed a new litter bin for her bedroom, so I filled it with little presents…

December daily 375


Here she is modelling her new sundress and sunglasses – for her holiday to Bali in a couple of weeks.

December daily 388

Mum opening a present…. that big black blob is Merlin trying to help!

December daily 380

And here’s DH, dressed in new clothes!

December daily 383

Merlin had the time of his life amongst the wrapping paper!  His best present was a cuddly toy – a pheasant that makes a duck noise!  He loves it!!!


December daily 384

My friend attached this gorgeous little bird to my present.  I didn’t want to unwrap it!  (It was 2 Cath Kidston mugs)

December daily 393


After a dog walk, we took Mum to my brothers for her to spend the rest of the day with them.  Here''s my niece and her fiance.

December daily 396


Lucy, me and Mum at my brothers.


Lucy made toasted sandwiches for lunch, then we al went to visit MIL!  We haven’t all been together for years. 

December daily 398

When we returned home I cooked the turkey and we ate Christmas dinner about 5pm.  After clearing up we watched Dr Who and Strictly Come dancing on tv, then another dog walk, more tv and bed!


Lucy writing her shifts down in her new diary!


December daily 401

Here’s a really bad picture of us all on Boxing Day.  Maurice’s brother and family came down for dinner…. roast lamb, roast potatoes, ratatoiulle, mulled wine red cabbage carrots and brcolli.  it went very well!  We finished off one of my christmas puddings and a trifle for pudding!


December daily 408


And then on Tuesday we all went to Mum’s for dinner.  it was nice because we were all there, including Nicholas and Izzy (my brothers other DD) who live away from home now.

December daily 430


Chicken Licken said...

Oooo looks like you had a lovely time. How nice to have everyone together.

Sarah said...

Great pictures. Doesn't Lucy look fabulous! Glad you all had a good time.