Thursday, 26 August 2010

Motorcycling round Scotland!

We are back!  10 days on the back of the motorbike, and I can just about sit down!


This is me ready to go.  You can see how small our luggage sapce is here, just 2 small panniers and the top box.

2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 004

Day 1- we rode to Kendal in the Lake District2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 015 Kendal town hall

2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 021 Lake Windermere

Day 2 – we rode to Ayr in Scotland to stay with BIL and SIL2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 031

Day 3 – we spent the day with BIL and SIL and they took us out for a drive around the Galloway Forest, stopping for lunch at David Coulthard’s museum.  We stopped again for awalk around this gorgeous beach at Rockcliffe.

 2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 072

Day 4 – we rode to Fort William in the Scottish Highlands


Day 5 – we took a day trip to the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides.  What a long way on twisty, windy single track roads!  We decided not to go across to Iona, but we did see it, then we motored on up to Tobermory, home to the children’s tv show Balamorey.


2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 120 

Ferry crossing to Mull

2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 133 2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 148 2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 158Tobermory

Day 6 – we rode to the Isle of Skye, over the Skye bridge.  We got there late morning and spent the afternoon walking around close to the hotel and visiting the ‘Clan Donald’ exhibition in nearby

Armadale Castle.

 2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 185 2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 182

View from our hotel window, you can see it is getting windy!

Day 7- we visited the Talisker whisky distillery.  Wow!  It was a really interesting tour, and of course we had a tasting of their 10 year old whisky!  We then rode round the island stopping off at Duveggan castle, home to the McCleod clan.2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 218  2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 186 2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 191 2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 209

Day 8 – we caught the ferry close to our hotel back to Mallaig on mainland Scotland and rode back down to Ayr to stay with SIL and BIL again.  Unfortunately the road along Loch Lomond was closed and we were sent on a huge detour which was very busy!  I

started to ache!

 2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 238

We stopped for coffee at the Glenfinnan viaduct and this little robin came to share our biscuit crumbs!

2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 252



More stunning scenery!


Day 9 – rode down to Lancaster for our final night.  It took a long time and the ride was very wet!  In fact, we sat for about 2 hours in a motorway service station as the rain was so bad!2010-08-24 Scotland 2010 263

Ready to leave BILs in the rain!

Day 10 – rode home!  Arrived home about 4.30pm, after doing nearly 2000 miles!!


What a great holiday!


scrappysue said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time Linda. And what stunning scenery and sunshine too!

Burnice said...

well done you two. glad you are home safe and sound. can't wait to hear all about it.
Burnice x

Chicken Licken said...

Wow that looks an amazing adventure. Shame about the weather but lovely photos. Enjoy sitting in a nice comfy armchair!!!

Sarah said...

Great pics, Linda.