Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Schools out……. for ever!

Lucy has left school!  That means we have no more school kids in our house.  Gosh!  That is the end of an era for me especially!  Nicholas started school in 1993, so that means I have had school kids for 17 years!  WE took them all out for a meal on Saturday night to commemorate this fact and to thank them for looking after the house and dog while we were away:


Tom took this one, wonder why Lucy is looking like that!

Lucy leaving school 012

The sun was at a difficult angle but the waitress tried to take a photo of us all, that’s Lucy, Tom, Maurice, Nicholas and Me.

Lucy leaving school 001

Just look at the size of this portion!

Lucy leaving school 003

I love this photo of Maurice

Lucy leaving school 004 


And here’s Tom and LucyLucy leaving school 007  


Here’s my 3 most favourite people in the world!

Lucy leaving school 009


Rachel said...

The end of an era! No more exams, yeah. My eldest will start school September 2011, scary scary.

Helen said...

That's a mega meal! Bet she's happy at leaving finally!