Friday, 30 July 2010


Lucy had her Ferrari drive this morning!  (We bought it for her for her 18th birthday way back in December).  She drove a Ferrari 308 for 3 laps round Goodwood race track.  It suits her don’t you think?


 ferrari 003 ferrari 005 ferrari 008 ferrari 020 ferrari 021 ferrari 028

Of course, Maurice had to have a go too!  Luckily they weren’t too busy, so he had the very next drive:

 ferrari 031 ferrari 035b ferrari 050 ferrari 051

ferrari 059


Burnice said...

Looks like it was made for her. Loving the colour. Trust Maurice!
Burnice x

Lesley said...

Nice new car you've got there Linda - when's your go?
Lesley x

bill said...

Two things have piked my interest over the years. One is photography. For many years I was a serious amateur. I dropped out when the digital age was ushered in. The other, sports cars. I never owned one. There was always something else that required a few bucks.

Sounds like you have two great lens. Happy shooting to you.