Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Arundel Castle Gardens

Wow!  What a fabulous place!  I went today with my oldest friend (that is I have known her the longest, not that she is old LOL!)  We had a fabulous time, just wandering, chatting and taking the odd photo.  Not brilliant photos, but the rest of the day was!

 arundel castle garden 006

The garden is only 2 years old, and not at all what you expect!  It’s kind of mediterranean, middle european all rolled into one!

arundel castle garden 007

This sizzling hot border is set against the magnificent backdrop of Arundel cathedral.

arundel castle garden 009

The meadow garden was so pretty even though it is a bit past it’s best.  Here’s a view from the ground: (Idea from Shimelle’s latest class, Love your Pictures, Love your pages)


arundel castle garden 010

There are loads of water features there, really cool.  The weather was just perfect, blue sky, fluffy clouds, nice and warm but not too hot.  A great day!

arundel castle garden 014

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Helen said...

How gorgeous! I think the photos are great - especially the ground level view - I love to take pics from down there! I love Arundel too, haven't been for too long.