Thursday, 24 June 2010

Come on England – part 2!

This was supposed to be the photo on yesterday’s post!

52 walks 001

Loads of cars are driving round with these flags clipped to their windows!  I know a rude joke about them, but I won’t tell you that here!  And did you know that having these flags increases your petrol consumption by 3 mph per flag, because of the drag?


Anyway, my post yesterday was to give the England time my good luck wish!  They didn’t need it, because they finally played well YAY!  They beat Slovenia 1-0, which means they go to the knock out stage of the World Cup.  They are playing Germany (our old rivals – don’t mention the war!!!) on Sunday afternoon. 




Burnice said...

Yayyyyy - we'll beat the Germans cos they are not the same team that have plagued us in the past. Roll on sunday !!!
Burn x

Sue said...

We were cheering on over here too Linda (bet the pubs were full, but we watched at home, then had to fetch the kids from their Year 6 disco in the middle; DH wasn't impressed!). GO ENGLAND!!!

deb said...

Hi Linda - thanks for your comments. Please send me the details of your walking & landscape photography course - that sounds exactly what I need!

Hope you and your family are all well.